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Opportunistic and Systematic Surveys for beaked whales and other marine mammals off the east coast of Central Abaco


Every Spring, Nan & her research team head to the Abacos for 5 weeks of research on beaked whales and other cetaceans. See beaked whales. Various researchers and friends join Nan during the expedition. This year Mark McDonald of Whale Acoustics and his wife Dinny joined the group for 3 weeks. Jo Aitken and Andy Norris flew in from Rarotonga to volunteer their expertise. Jo is the www.whaleresearch.org web site guru. Her keen ability to spot whales and Andy’s excellent boat driving proved to be a huge addition to the project. Casey Napa returned for his second year as research assistant and boat driver.

Nature Conservation Films joined us in early May this year. This was the second visit for NCF President Evert van den Bos who has been working on a film about Nan’s research and commitment to protect whales. Accompanying him was Marjolein Duermeijer (research & development), Cameraman Robert Poole & his wife Gina, and Elsimieke Havenga.
Elsimieke is a news anchorwoman in Amsterdam and the author of a book in progress about 11 people from around the world that have somehow made a difference to the planet.

National Geographic Crittercam team arrived for the last 2 weeks to join up with Nan in an attempt to attach a suction cup video camera to the back of a Mesoplodon densirostris (a rare beaked whale). Kyler Abernathy and Patrick Greene from the National Geographic Crittercam team learned all about these mysterious whales during their time with Nan. As you can see we had a successful and prosperous field season!

Many thanks to Derek & Margot Lee for their incredible generosity in housing (and barbeques) and to Joan Daeschler & Helen Jordan for their continued support!

Location (click on photos to enlarge)

Views of the Abacos during an aerial survey

Preparation (click on photos to enlarge)

Casey prepares a deploying pole for the acoustic tag.

Mark and Casey test the hydrophone and view the acoustic images on the computer

Making sure the research boat has the proper lines

Every day we collect the debris and garbage that we find polluting the sea. Such items might end up in whales' stomachs.

Helen and Nan clean out the Lee's shed and head to the dump

Nature Conservation Films, May 2004 (click on photos to enlarge)

L-R Mark McDonald, acoustician, filmed by cameraman Bob

Filming: Marjolein Duermeijer, research and development, NCF, acting as sound woman

Bob Poole, cameraman

Marjolein with Elsemieke Havenga, author of 'They make a difference, inspiration for the future' and anchorwoman for RTL news, Amsterdam

Nan with Evert van den Bos, president of NCF

Gina Poole

Photography by
Bob Poole,
Conservation Films

and Gina Poole.
(Caption over image)

Bob and Evert on island transport
Evert and Don Weiner
KC, NAN + Bob take the leap
Nan, Elsemieke, Marjolein, Gina
Don and Gina sailing

National Geographic Crittercam: May-June 2004 (click on photos to enlarge)


National Geographic Crittercam cameramen, Patrick Greene and Kyler Abernathy, showing Nan the Crittercam and pole used for deployment.

ABOVE: Beaked whale skin left in the suction cup allows us to sequence the DNA.

Kyler at left, and Kees mid-encounter, directing Andy to best position the boat for another atttempt at deploying the Crittercam..

Beaked whales: a glimpse of beaked whale encounters (click on photos to enlarge) See also Crittercam page

Visit from a manatee, May 2003. (click on photos to enlarge) See manatee gallery for more images

A female manatee surprised the team on Mother's Day when she appeared at the dockhouse. Manatees are extremely rare in the Abacos.

Dolphins both inshore and offshore (click on photos to enlarge)

This girl never knew that her hat resembled a dorsal fin

We have always been lucky enough to be visited by ever-playful dolphins, both within the sea of Abaco and offshore. Rocky (at left), the best known visitor to theharbour, has been returning to our dock for 9 years.

The rich sea life of the Abacos (click on photos to enlarge)

Note the wound on the barracuda's face (at left). Perhaps this was from a fishing lure.

Friends and recreation (click on photos to enlarge)

Derek Lee
The owl's nest Ali, Jody, Kees, Sergio, Julie, Sarah
Elbow Cay Lighthouse, Hopetown
Nan and girls Friends Sarah, Linda, Julie
The Huntress
Linda in paradise...
Nice wig...!
John from the Man O' War gas dock
Another feast!

Over the years that we have been researching beaked whales in the Bahamas, we have worked and played with an ever-increasing team of neighbours and friends from around the world. These are some of our favourite shots.
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