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Maui Jim
Austins Dive

Nan Hauser and Hoyt Peckham
Cook Islands Whale Research
Ctr. for Cetacean Research & Conserv.

Bill Tuakana Marsters
Palmerston Marine Resources

Gerald McCormack
Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust

Jacqui Evans
World Wide Fund for Nature

George Balazs
Honolulu Laboratory
NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service

Research Assistants
Nooroa James Tikaroa James
Alex Marsters Andrew Marsters
Bob Marsters Carl Marsters
Less Marsters Jed Marsters
Teinano Marsters Rangi Marsters
Shirley Marsters Simon Marsters

Student Assistants
Darling Marsters Lehi Marsters
Taia Marsters Mauna Koa

Research Assistants from the 2000-1 season


Above all, we thank the Marsters families of Palmerston, Rarotonga, and beyond for embracing the project, ourselves, and turtle conservation.

We are indebted to to the Palmerston Island Council, Mayor George Marsters, Island Secretary Lydia Marsters-Sijp, Government Representative Melbourne Marsters, and Deputy Mayor David Marsters for facilitating the study and granting permission to conduct research; to the Government of the Cook Islands, especially Arthur Taripo of the National Research Council, also for granting permission to conduct the study; to 2nd Engineer Wulf Sarhage, Captain Iain Foster, and crew of the expedition vessel Dardanella for conveying HP and all the survey equipment and supplies to Palmerston in the height of luxury; to Tap Pryor for his open-armed encouragement and invaluable support from Rarotonga; . We also thank Phil Clapham for his guidance in the proposal process and Woodie Hartman and Halsey Burgund for their rigorous editorial input.

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The initial season of Palmerston Atoll Turtle Survey was made possible through the generous support of the Conservation Action Fund. Special thanks to Mike Donoghue for his immediate and enduring enthusiasm for the project and to Greg Stone and Cynthia Nichols for their support.

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Though he is an investigator on the project, we have to acknowledge the seemingly boundless support of George Balazs and the Marine Turtle Research Program, a project of the Honolulu Laboratory of the US NMFS, a division of NOAA. George has enthusiastically provided the information, materials, and expertise which have made this project possible, in particular providing training and travel to HP and BTM for satellite transmitter deployment.

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Stratos provided CCRC with satellite communications, both a Mini-M moblie satellite terminal and valuable airtime, for the 2000 field season of Palmerston Atoll Turtle Survey. With the closest telephone a grueling 300 nautical mile sail from our study site on Palmerston Atoll, Stratos' satellite phone will be essential for arranging otherwise-impossible logistics and for safety. See our gratitude to Stratos.

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Without our Maui Jim sunglasses, we couldn't do the work we do.


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